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Once we receive the requirements of the employer, the company selects a match from the data of workers, trainees who have registered and studied with us, or work with our recruiting team to make a selection based on the needs of the customers.

Applicants must undergo a medical examination at a hospital or clinic accredited by the Ministry in charge of conducting a medical examination to know that you are healthy and physically fit for work and internship.

Employers can interview candidates by traveling to Cambodia or through video conferencing or authorizing our company to select candidates.

Candidates are asked to apply for a passport or travel document for Cambodian workers working abroad at the Passport Department of the Ministry of Interior, with the assist of the company's professional staff.

Pre-departure orientation training using a curriculum developed by Top Manpower Vocational Training Center accredited by the Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training to ensure that candidates have the knowledge, skills, language, basic rights, culture, traditions, labor law and employment contract, etc., and for the processing of documents, the application of immigration forms and transportation is our responsibility.

Company prepares documents and list of all candidates to apply for (CERTIFICATE OF ELIGIBILITY (CE) or name list of applications for employment in the host country. Upon receipt of the above documents, the company prepares to apply for a long term visa or internship visa at the Embassy of the host country in Phnom Penh.

After obtaining a work visa from the embassy of the host country, Top Manpower discusses with the employer or the employer's representative to determine the appropriate time to travel to work in destination country.

Once the applicant has arrived in the host country, during the term of the employment contract, Top Manpower will continue to monitor all applicants until they have successfully terminated their employment and returned to their home country as scheduled.

We maintain good relationships with customers and to receive feedback and criticism from customers to strive to improve our operating system, easy to provide fast service to customers.

In managing overseas employment services, we adhere to the principles of institutional sustainability and social responsibility.

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