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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Both husband and wife should be working.
  2. Combined minimum income of RM36,000.00 per annum.
  3. Have young child/children to take care in the home.
  4. Latest original Form J (husband & wife) with combined minimum income of RM36,000.00 per annum
  5. Original company letter stating position held and monthly salary (husband & wife).
  6. Photocopy of pay slips for the last 3 months (husband & wife).
  7. Photocopy of IC (husband & wife).

Employer must face problem about communication as our training only basic English but if employer patience enough for a few months then domestic worker can work for you well with hard working, honest, loyalty, respect.

Unlimited years subjected to a mutual agreement between the employer and the domestic worker, and the latest government rules and regulations.

1. As an employer, you must provide the basic necessities to your domestic worker(s):

  • Enough food.
  • Enough rest.
  • Proper place to rest & sleep.
  • Medical attention & needs.
  • Basic hygiene & toiletries items.
  • Understanding of the culture and feelings of the domestic worker(s).
  • Call home when 1st arrive to inform family and after 3 months arrive continually

2. Employers are governed by the terms & conditions of the domestic worker employment contract signed with the Immigration Dept of Malaysia.

  • Patience and sufficient advice.
  • Protection and safety.
  • Treat as human being and consider as one of your family.

  • Respect and treat the domestic worker well.
  • Make her happy in your home - a happy domestic worker makes a good domestic worker.
  • Be strict but fair to her.
  • Have a realistic expectation from the domestic worker - the fact that they are only humans, they can only do as much as you can.
  • Set certain rules for her to follow in your home.

  • Maids are human beings. From time to time your domestic worker may face certain challenges.
  • Our Partner agency provides you with free counseling and re-training.
  • Forgive her and give her a chance by consider as your children or family member

Report to the agency, seek advice on how to lodge a police report and then inform the Immigration Department.

Our agencies understand your needs. We have our own training center with a hostel in which your domestic worker can stay in, while you and your family go for a holiday.

TOP Manpower Partner Agencies provide the following services to assist you:

  • Cheap air ticket arrangement & free airport transfer arrangement.
  • Terms and conditions apply; please contact us for more details.

  • Abuse or mistreat your domestic worker.
  • Failure to pay salary to your domestic worker.
  • Deduct your domestic worker's salary.
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