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Top Manpower Co.,Ltd. has been in the recruitment industry since 2004. Top Manpower recruits, trains, and sends trainees and Cambodian workers to work and trains Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Hong Kong, Macau and Cambodian trainees in Japan.

Our company has sufficient infrastructures to serve Cambodian workers, trainees and all employers. We are an expert in matching the job between workers, trainees and employers based on integrity, considerate, quality and decent services to build up the harmonious working environment for the all business enterprises.


We commit to build confidence among trainees, and workers with employers. We provide the service below:

MOU services
  • Recruitment, Selection follow the employer requirements
  • Medical Checkup, Passport, name list and Visa
  • Training and Sending to Destination port
  •  Management at working and accommodation Places
  • Repatriation after finishing the employment contract as agreement
  • Any special requirements from employers
U-Turn MOU Services
  • Passport or TD Process
  • Name list
  • Visa
  • Any Special requirements from employers
Legal Documents Services
  • Quota and Demand Letter
  • Passport and TD Process
  • Name list
  • Visa
  • Immigration
  • Post Departure Training

Latest News

Please browse the latest news of our company activities regarding recruiting, Training, Sending and Managing Cambodian migrant workers and trainees…

Latest Training

Our training center located on the third and fourth floor of our office. We have sufficient infrastructures and facilities to train the workers and trainees.

Daily Life and Culture Guidance Module

This module will give the general overview of the culture, and tradition in the receiving countries. In addition, the methodology…

on April 27, 2020

Language Course

This course is specially designed to train Cambodian workers and trainees to be able to basically communicate in the receiving…

on April 27, 2020

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